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Medical advice is easier than ever

A platform that provides you with the latest modern methods of health care to help you build your health and your community health in a sound and effective manner.

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Our values

We work at سيان كير | Cyan Care to enable health practitioners to offer their extensive experience and provide health care services to patients in the most effective and highly efficient manner.

Our vision

To be سيان كير | Cyan Care the leading entity in promoting and protecting health, raising the quality and efficiency of health services through the latest technological means, and providing possible solutions to all problems related to the doctor and the patient.

Our mission

Building a large-scale health network based on providing modern technical methods to provide health care services to who need and enabling competent doctors and health practitioners to provide their health consultations so that the community and the individual can enjoy a good healthy life.

Medical advice is easier than ever

Services we provide

Enhance your health through a regulatory environment focused on providing preventative and healthy approaches to telemedicine and medical services.

Telehealth consultations

We allow patients to communicate with doctors through Call, Video and chats, Without the need for personal attendance, this service saves time and effort and helps in reaching diagnosis and treatment quickly and effectively

Electronic prescriptions

The application allows doctors to issue digital prescriptions instead of paper. Patients can access it via the application at any time. It facilitates the process of obtaining medicines and increases the accuracy of description.

Answers to general medical questions

The application provides accurate and reliable medical information service for patients, Where your inquiries are answered by specialists in the medical field, With an emphasis on accuracy and credibility.

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