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For health practitioners

Follow your appointments with complete flexibility

We are pleased to invite you to join our vast and innovative health network to provide telemedicine service as healthcare providers with high health quality and efficiency.

  • Follow your appointments accurately.
  • Flexibility in working hours.
  • Boost your activity and increase your income.
  • Stay in contact with patients

How do we work?

سيان كير | Cyan care Works in three very simple steps.

Join us!

Start by completing the simple registration process. Add your credentials, specialty, and schedule to create your profile on the appkication.

Certification as a health practitioner

to ensure the highest standards of healthcare and professionalism for patients.

Organize your appointments

Determine your availability and appointment times effortlessly. Our platform allows you to adjust your schedule according to what suits you, This allows you to balance your schedule with great flexibility.

Medical advice is easier than ever

Services we provide

Enhance your health through a regulatory environment that focuses on providing preventive and healthy methods and empowering stakeholders to achieve transparency, fairness and high efficiency.

Telehealth consultations

We allow patients to communicate with doctors through Call, Video and chats, Without the need for personal attendance, this service saves time and effort and helps in reaching diagnosis and treatment quickly and effectively

Electronic prescriptions

The application allows doctors to issue digital prescriptions instead of paper. Patients can access it via the application at any time. It facilitates the process of obtaining medicines and increases the accuracy of description.

Answers to general medical questions

The application provides accurate and reliable medical information service for patients, Where your inquiries are answered by specialists in the medical field, With an emphasis on accuracy and credibility.

Everything we do is for you

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